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4.5s(MOANS) We've gotta find out what cell this princess of yours is in.
1.2sThere it is, 2187.
1.17sI'm on it!
1.57sEverything's under control here.
1.5sSituation normal.
1sSTORM TROOPER: What happened?
2.13sWe had a slight weapons malfunction,
2.17sbut everything's perfectly all right. We're fine.
3.74sWe're all fine here now. Thank you.
1.23sHow are you?
2.27s(GROANING) I've been better.
1.07sWell, tell me what's up.
3.8sWell, I'm in this relationship and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
2.77sI like her, but we're not really connecting.
1.83sHow long has it been? About 10 months.
1.37sAnd how often do you see each other?
1.37sCouple times a week.
1.84sWell, why don't you try seeing each other a little more often,
1.7sand see if you connect a little more?
2sAnd if not, it may be time to move on.
1.27sThanks for calling.
5.07sThis is Han Solo and I'm gonna be keeping you company for the next few hours, right here on the midnight shift.
5.5sSomething's telling me it might be you
4.07sIt's telling me it might be you