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1.47s(SCOFFS) Yeah.
2.27sWell, none of this will matter when we're famous singers.
1.57sGood evening, Death Star.
3.17sTonight a special report on the controversial attack on Alderaan.
2sWhile some view the attack as unwarranted,
4.77sthe Empire has obtained proof that Alderaan was in possession of weapons of mass destruction.
1.8sAnd now, let's go to our five day forecast.
1.03sWhat's the weather like, Ollie?
1.33sSpace weather. Thanks, Ollie.
3.9sComing up, we'll give you the road closures for this week's Ewok Pride Parade.
1.13sStay with us.
1.03sHow am I doing?
1.67sJust keep your knees bent.
3.8sImagine you're spreading butter on a big piece of bread.
1sThat's it.
2.97sSpread that butter, with the Force.