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0.7sI didn't say "no" exactly.
3.19sHot damn! All right, don't eat nothin' for the next three days,
3.14s'cause I'm taking you out for a steak the size of a toilet seat.
2.35sWell, when you put it that way--
1.99sMy name is Renee.
2.29sWho cares? You're goin' out with me.
1.75sShe's going out with me, cat!
2.34sStop kissin' that cat, and get in the car!
5.86sI thought love was only true in fairy tales
4.07sMeant For Someone else but not For me
2.83sthen I saw her faCe
2.14snow I'm A believer
2.25snot A trace
2.6sof doubt in my mind