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2.07sAw, there's nobody for Moe.
3.94sI'm just gonna die lonely and ugly and... dead.
3s- Well, hello, Mary Sunshine. - Huh?
2.79sAw, cheer up. Here, have a flower.
1.93sAll right, come on. What's the catch?
3.24sA gorgeous woman don't just hand you a free "daffy-dil."
1.75sReally? You think I'm gorgeous?
2.09sYeah, well, the part that's showing.
4.1sI guess you could have a lot of weird scars or a fake ass or something.
2.39sYou don't talk to a lot of women, do you?
3.3sWell, no-no-- Well, no, not a lot. I've--
2.9sGee, I'm sorry. I used to box, you know. My brain's--
2.2sWell, it's kind of in and out.
2.54sOh, that's awful. And look at your little ears.
2.54sYeah, there's extensive cauliflowering.
2.27sWell, your bow tie is just darling.
2.85sOh, well, thanks.
3.5sYeah, it kind of draws the eye away from the old mug.