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1.93sPeter, I've been running the numbers on this farm,
1.4sand we're in deep trouble.
2.37sWe haven't grown a single crop to sell.
5.61sAnd meanwhile, you're spending half our money down at the General Store, and the other half at the Specific Store.
1.53sDo you have almonds? What kind of almonds?
1.5sMarcona almonds. From what region?
1sThe Basque region.
1.43sThe Basque region's pretty big.
1.87sNorth? South? Southern Basque.
1.1sHow much should each almond weigh?
1.13sPoint eight ounces?
2.14s- Sorry, we only have point sixes. - Aw.
1.37sPETER: Yeah, hi. Do you have stuff?
1.57sMAN: Yeah, we have stuff!
5.64sAnd is it true that you've been spending the farm's money on gingham shirts you tie into a knot to expose your belly?
1.4sI bought a couple.
1.63sWell, with all this debt and no income,
3.27sthere's no way we're gonna be able to keep up our bank payments.
1.97sPeter, if something doesn't change,
2.17sI'm afraid we're gonna lose this farm.
3.17sGreat, just what I need on my conscience, another failed business.