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1.67sYou were listening the whole time?
2.37sDon't you see, you guys? I did this for the family.
2.3sJust think of this farm as our next great adventure.
2.69sLike when we tried to invade the city of Troy.
1.83sLOIS: Peter, I don't think this is the right horse.
3sPETER: I am 100% positive this is the right horse.
1.53sCome on, guys, what do you say?
2.82sWill you join me in eating eggs fresh out of a chicken's butt?
5.2sYay! Now I can be one of those filthy teens with sad eyes at a farmer's market!
1.79sWell, with what's become of Quahog,
1.82smaybe it is time to make a change.
1.93sI'm in, Dad! Me, too!
1.8sAll right, let's do it.
1sHey, what's going on?
2.67sWell, we've made a decision as a family, Brian.
3.94sWe've decided to take you to a nice, big farm upstate.