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1.23swhat might not be okay with it.
1.23sThat's true.
2.04sAnd, Meg, you yourself said, "Lip gloss, unicorns,
2.07s"Channing Tatum, something something, bullshit."
1.67sYou were listening the whole time?
2.37sDon't you see, you guys? I did this for the family.
2.3sJust think of this farm as our next great adventure.
2.69sLike when we tried to invade the city of Troy.
1.83sLOIS: Peter, I don't think this is the right horse.
3sPETER: I am 100% positive this is the right horse.
1.53sCome on, guys, what do you say?
2.82sWill you join me in eating eggs fresh out of a chicken's butt?
5.2sYay! Now I can be one of those filthy teens with sad eyes at a farmer's market!
1.79sWell, with what's become of Quahog,
1.82smaybe it is time to make a change.
1.93sI'm in, Dad! Me, too!
1.8sAll right, let's do it.