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3.4sWell, that's gonna be very hard to do now that we're living on a farm.
1.87sWhat? What are you talking about?
2.87sA farm, Lois. It's where vegetables live.
3.35sPeter, you went out and bought a farm without even talking to me about it?
3.94sWell, Lois, in my defense, I have nothing to back up the beginning of this sentence.
1.37sI can't believe this.
4.44sBut it's not like it's the first time you made a big family decision without consulting me.
3.14s(WHISPERING) Yes, I'd like to see your quietest doctor.
2.92sPeter, where'd you even get the money to make that kind of purchase?
1.57sI sold the house.
2.47sAnd I did it on craigslist, so I also made a dangerous friend.
1.97sWhat? How could you sell the house?
1.67sSpooner St. is our home!
2.57sI mean, I have three aprons that say, "Quahog."
1.83sWhat do you want me to do, start all over?
4.77sLois, you were saying yourself how you want our kids to grow up in a wholesome place away from the big city.