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1.17sOh, yeah?
1.8sWell, if we're dealing so many drugs to Quahog,
2.47swhy is the Quahog envelope so light this week?
3.67sYeah, I say we go down there and talk to those people in Quahog.
2.23sNo! This is what I'm talking about.
2.07sMeth has turned us into monsters.
0.97sLois, take it easy.
1.13sNo. You know what?
1.85sThis is my own fault for listening to you.
3.52sI forgot you don't even know your ass from a hole in the ground.
2.72sIs that my ass?
1.45sLois, where the hell you going?
2.64sI'm going back home to Quahog, where I belong.
2.84sIf any of you want to come with me, you're welcome to.
2.5sFirst of all, you sat in something green and it's on your butt,
1.1sso no one's gonna follow you.
4.77sAnd second, no one's gonna leave a place where there are tons of beakers for a place where there are zero beakers.
1.43sPeter, don't you see?
2.54sWe left Quahog because of the crime problem.
3.04sBut now we've become part of that problem.