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1.07sGood evening, I'm Tom Tucker.
4.17sOur top story, methamphetamine is flooding into Quahog in epidemic amounts,
3.74sand is believed to be originating from the nearby rural community of Farmton.
1.58sFarmton, that's the name of the place we live.
1.18sI forgot to mention that earlier.
4.15sFor more on the story, we now go live to Asian correspondent, Tricia Takanawa.
2.64sTom, meth is fine! Everything's fine! Go back to your own business!
1.2sThanks, Tricia.
1.93sShe's doing fun things for me, for money.
1.23sOh, my God.
2sWe're hurting our own hometown.
3.34sAll those drugs that are flooding into Quahog are from us.
1.17sOh, yeah?
1.8sWell, if we're dealing so many drugs to Quahog,
2.47swhy is the Quahog envelope so light this week?
3.67sYeah, I say we go down there and talk to those people in Quahog.
2.23sNo! This is what I'm talking about.