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1.67sWhat the hell?
1.53sPETER: Hey, Brian's home!
1.27sWhat the hell is going on?
2.54sNothing, nothing. Just working on a family project.
1.4sGetting in some together time.
1.2sI have a crossbow!
1.37sChris has a crossbow.
2.05sOkay, well, uh...
1.7sI'm back from agricultural school,
2.67sand I might have the solution to our farming trouble.
1.97sI brought some heirloom tomato seeds.
1.2sThat's nice, Brian.
1.77sHere's a new kind of meth you put in your pee-hole.
1.07sOh, yeah, we're meth dealers now.
1.07sYeah, you missed it.
1.73sMy teeth came in and then fell out again.
1.77sI don't believe this! Are you guys insane?
2.77sWe're rich is what we are! Look at all that cash, Brian.
2.54sHe don't get none of that! He wasn't here for it!
1.42sWell, this is just great!
2.57sI turn my back for a month, and this place turns into a drug den!
3.17sFor your information, it is also a drag queen hangout.
2.8sHey, look, our meth is on the news!
1.07sGood evening, I'm Tom Tucker.
4.17sOur top story, methamphetamine is flooding into Quahog in epidemic amounts,