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2.65sThis one here's not for smellin'.
0.67sWhy thank you, Jack.
3.8sNo problem. Now, let's paint.
2sHey, can I smell your clothes?
4.99sYour spine is more twisted than Sinbad's take on marriage.
1.64sSo? Just give me some drugs and surgery.
2.07sOh, I'd love to. But to be honest,
3.77smodern medicine has a lousy record of treating the back.
2.15sWe spend too much time on the front.
2.62sYeah, there's some neat stuff on the front.
1.7sI'm gonna send you to my chiropractor.
3.77sHey, I thought real doctors hated chiropractors.
1.87sWell, that is our official stance.
2.92sBut between you, me and my golf clubs, they're miracle workers.
2.64sThat's charming, Sardonicus.
2.6sBut try to use less of a stabbing action...
2.84sand more of a brushing stroke.