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1.52sUh, Mr. Simpson?
2.4sThat's a chamber pot. You’re supposed to go to the bathroom in it.
2.03sBefoul an army helmet?
2.4sYou’d like that, wouldnt you, hippie?
5.27sBehind this door, youll find the one piece of 21st-century technology in the whole house.
3.2sOoh! Please be a melon baller. Please be a melon baller.
2.33sThis is your video confessional.
4.63sYou come in here to express your deepest feelings and darkest secrets.
3.13sMy hair isnt really blue.
2.13sI need that tape!
1.76sGood morning, ladies.
1.9sWhat’s so good about it?
3.96sIt takes six hours to make breakfast now.
2.9sHey, you should see how much trouble Dad's having shaving with a straight razor.
3.63sFinally. I'm no longer a slave to the Gillette Corporation.