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0.41sWould not!
1.21sOh, yeah?
3.84sThen I challenge you to a romantic dinner at Elzar's tonight.
1.25sIt's on.
2.92s(DOOR OPENS) Sweet orca of Majorca!
2.54sYou make Fat Albert look like Normal Albert!
1.2sI don't know what to do.
1.97sDo you think I should eat more butter?
1.88sI am putting a stop to this right now!
1.92sCome on. We're switching bodies.
4.17sHermes, no! I'll ruin your body, too!
2.87sThree decades of the munchies beat you to it.
2.07sBIG BERTHA: You make quite a show, young man.
2.65sYou remind me of myself as a young cannon.
2.6sBig Bertha is the circus's grande dame.