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3.42sarrived aboard his extravagant caviar-powered yacht.
2.1sI am just a humble emperor
2.53swith a big, big crown!
2.25sOf course I'm not planning to steal that crown!
1.4sWhat? True.
2.12sI've always dreamed of being an emperor.
2.27sYou know, for Halloween, and then forever.
2.74sBut heisting those jewels would be difficult.
1.63sYou'd be stupid to try.
1.02sI'll need accomplices.
2.6sA sexy vamp to distract and tie up the guard.
3.95sA claw man to slip past the metal detector and cut the alarm wires.
3.34sSorry, I'm set for life after that last job.
1.5sAnd finally, a chump,
2.3sto be caught on video and later arrested.
2.05sAs I told you on Sucker-Punch Day,
1.57sI'm through being a chump.
3.35sOf course, it would all require split-second robotic timing.
3.45sThat's where I come in. You see, I own a watch.