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3.22sWith all due respect, Your Majesty, I'm a robot like you.
2.13sI just switched bodies with some bimbo.
2.74sGo ahead, ask me something only a robot would know.
2.58sA reverse Turing Test, eh? Very good.
1.57sWhat is the square root of nine?
2.94sUh, hold on, let me just get out a pencil.
4.2s(SIGHS) Okay, look, I'm not that kind of robot. I'm more this kind of robot.
4.95s(BEAT BOXING) He steps forwards but moves backwards.
2.37sBy the gods! He is a machine!
2.77sNo, that won't restore everyone, either.
3.6sBesides, I don't want my decrepit old body back!
4.57sI'm running away with this invincible robot body and joining something.
3.87sLook, I paid for 15 robot clowns per cubic meter of car,