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2.3sto be caught on video and later arrested.
2.05sAs I told you on Sucker-Punch Day,
1.57sI'm through being a chump.
3.35sOf course, it would all require split-second robotic timing.
3.45sThat's where I come in. You see, I own a watch.
4.04sThere. This time I'm sure I've fixed the mind switcher.
3.5sGood, I'm sick of cleaning up those heaps of dead monkeys.
2.17sBut why would you want your mind in a new body?
3.18sWell, as a man enters his 18th decade,
3.04she thinks back on the mistakes he's made in life.
1.82sLike the heaps of dead monkeys?
2.75sScience cannot move forward without heaps!
4.47sNo, what I regret is the youth I wasted playing it safe.
2.73sI wasted my youth porking out.
1.48sYes, I remember.
1.38sWould you please take that down?
1.3sIt's making me hungry.
3.69sFunny, I could use a little extra meat on my bones.
1.27sWait a second!
3.75sIf we switched bodies, I could live life to the extreme,