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1.43sPeter, that Wasn't you.
3.47sThat was Adolpho Shabba-Doo in Breakin' ii-- Electric Boogaloo.
1.58sYou watched it last night.
1.87sSo you're calling me a liar?
2.8sWell, I'm gonna take the high road and stick to the issues.
2.7sThe children of Quahog are our greatest treasure.
5.91sThey deserve a school board president who doesn't leave their feminine ointments in the fridge next to the mustard!
1.77sThat was the worst hot dog I ever ate!
1.17sYeah, she flosses in bed,
1.12sshe snores like a wildebeesT--
2.04sThank you, Mr. Griffin. We now move on--
2.25sW-w-Wait a second, blow dryer, I'm not done yet.
2.17sShe freed Willie Horton, she nailed Donna Rice--
2.23s- Peter, that's enough! - Eats babies.
1.12sPeter! Peter!
2.7sJust a minute. Listen to me, please!
3.25sThis election is about our children's future.
1.1sSo ask yourself,