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4.76s"Of suns and worlds I nothing had to say "I see mankind's self-torturing pains"
1.6sno, no, No! You're doing it wrong!
5.44sWhen you read Faust you're supposed to do Mephistopheles in A scary voice like this!
2.1sIs that the way your Mommy reads iT?
1.6sI do not miss that ogresS.
1.69sShe can burn in hell for all I care!
1.67sSure she can.
1.6sDamn! Damn!
2.03sDamn! Damn!
2.57s"I've grown accustomed to her face
3.14s"She almost makes the day begin
1.7s"I've grown accustomed to the tune
2.03s"that she whistles night and noon
4.07sHer smiles, her frowns her ups, her downs
1.42sare second nature to me now
3.47sLike breathing out and breathing in
1.65sI'm very grateful she's a woman
5.42sand so easy to forget rather like a habit one can always break
4.92sAnd yet, I've grown accustomed to her looks