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3.65sI say, Rupert, these crumpets you've prepared look positively divine!
2.98sMmm, Excellent texture, provocative support.
1.5sTry another, you say?
2.3sWell, Aren't I the wicked one?
1.43sStewie, I've told you before,
1.95sdon't eat dirt. It's disgusting.
4.79sOh, And I suppose the bilious curds you force-fed me from your teat were perfectly fine then?
1.37sGlen, would you mind holding Stewie?
1.73sHeh, heh. Said and done.
1.58sWell, Hey there, spud with the mud.
2.82sOh, Good Lord! Do you bathe in Aqua VeLVA?
2.35sHi, Lois. You've got our voteS.
1.32sThank you, Cleveland.
2.67sSomeone has to run against that awful Betsy Lebeau.
3.27sShe actually opposes background checks for new teachers!
1.78sGod knows who she might hirE.
2.12sSo the square of the hypotenuse,
1.43swhich we will label C,
8.37smaking the sides opposite both of the acute angles A and B Will always equal the sum of the squares of the other sides.
1.17sAny questions?
1.9sIt's just something I have to do.
3.79sEven if winning means spending time out of the house and away from my family.