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1.47sin other news, Betsy Lebeau,
3.94sA candidate For School Board President announced today she's pulling out of the race.
3.35sLebeau's withdrawal now leaves housewife Lois Griffin running unopposed.
3.19sOh, My goodness! I win by default!
2.57sGreat. You can get Mr. Fargas his job back.
2.27sI'm sorry! But I do have a mind of my own!
2.72sAnd I happen to agree with the School Board's decision.
5.22sYeah, yeah. I know, you're a feminist, and I think that's adorable but this is grown-up time and I'm the man.
4.37sI'm not giving that lunatic his job back and that's final.
4.39sLois, I can't let you deprive our children of a fine teacher like Mr. Fargas.
2.25sI'm gonna stop you the only way I can,
4.19sby killing you in the race for School Board President!