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2.84sBut winning without honor isn't really winning at all.
1.67sIsn't that right, Milli?
1sNo, it's just as good.
4.39sBa-ba-ba-ba- Ba-ba-ba-ba- Baby! Ah, What's the use? You're right.
1.35sCease this prattling!
3.47sThis campaign literature must be posted today if we are to get you into office,
2.29sand out of my life, you festering strumPET!
1.28sHey, you guys.
1.67sLois, you running for School Board?
2.27sLook, Chris' school is on T.V.
3.94sThe egg drop-- an annual tradition for junior-high-school science students.
2.13sBut Today at Buddy Cianci Junior High,
4.95san egg drop conducted by teacher Randall Fargas seems to have gone horribly, horribly wrong.
3.64sWe now go live to Action News 5 Asian reporter, Trisha Takanawa.
7.01sWell, Tom, the eggs being dropped behind me are not chicken eggs but those of the endangered California condor.