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2.14sThank you. Thank you. Hey, That's what you voted for.
3.47sHey, son, show the folks at home what you got there.
2.19sGood Lord! That's a dirty magazine!
1.9sHey, That's mine, my-- Shaft.
2.1sThere might be a mineshaft under this library.
2.37sMy God, All these kids are looking at pornography!
2.42sWhat kind of pervert gave you kids this filth?
2.3sChris Griffin. He got it from his dad.
2.42sOh, There's quite a crowd outside.
4.82sI haven't witnessed Pandemonium like this since Ridiculous Day down at the deli,
4swhen prices were so low they were ridiculous.
1.37sYou said it, palie.
1.43sThat's why I brought in the big guns.
2.05sSay 'how do' to the Ragin' Cajun,
1.13sMr. James Carville.
1.48sAh, Oh, God. Oh, jeez!
1.83sDid somebody open the Ark of the Covenant?
3.3sNow, Now, see, Peter, what you gotta do is you gotta declare war! war, War!
5.29sYour only chance of surviving this--this scandal is to claim that Lois gave your boy the pornography.
3.17sAnd he's right. Pin it on the old ball and chain.