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1.2sI wanna sa--
2.22sI am so freaking wasted!
3.3sSplendid. How delightful it Will be to have mother back.
1.52sI heard thaT.
1.6sDon't feel bad, Mom.
2.39sAll my friends think you're hot!
1.75sThey can't believe I came out of you!
1.6sHey, Lois, I got a joke for you.
2.92sHow many losers does it take to make me breakfast?
1.2sJust one! You!
2.45sI'm just kidding. But French toast, please.
1.52sOh, Don't even talk to me, Peter.
2.43sYou humiliated your own wife!
3.74sAnd for what? To get that crazy Mr. Fargas back in the classroom?
1.72sPeter, I cared about our schools.
2.37sAll you cared about was some stupid competition.
1.75sWell, Winning was only half the battle.
4.54sIf you blow this chance to do something good for our kids you'll be the biggest loser I know!
0.77sOh, yeah?
1.67sWell, Peter Griffin is no loser!
1.47sWhen I'm through with our schools,
6.37sour students'll be so smart they'll be able to program their VCRs without spilling piping hot gravy all over myself.