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2.79sThis is Dick Clark, rockin' down to the year 2000. And that was Whitesnake.
2.87sWe're not Whitesnake, dude. We're Poison.
2.67sI thought we were Quiet Riot.
1.07sIt says here we're Ratt.
2.17sOh, right. Sorry.
3.72sMan alive! What a stinko thousand years.
2.39sBlimp wrecks. Teenagers.
2.27sThen again, we had two TV shows with Andy Griffith.
1.85sAnd 11 with Robert Urich.
6.67sSuper freak Super freak I'm super freakin' Yow Aw, man. What'd I do now?
2.34sWonderful. Now, that song is dedicated...
4.47sto all you supergeeks who rocked around the clock to exterminate America's Y2K bugs.
0.63sHey, Homer.
2.6sWeren't you the plant's Y2K compliance officer?
4.37sAbsolutely. Must have been hard debugging all those computers, huh, Homer?
0.48sDoing what now?
2.37sYou did fix them, right, Dad?
4.89sBecause even a single faulty unit could corrupt every other computer in the world.