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2.34sDr. Laura. Spike Lee.
2.07sWait a minute. They're not so great.
3.44sOkay. But there's Dan Quayle and Courtney Love.
2.92sTonya Harding! Al Sharpton!
3.34sTom Arnold! What the hell's going on?
3.04sWait. Only that ship is going to Mars.
3.15sOurs is headed for the sun. Yeah. Ain't that a kick in the teeth?
3.5sI mean, my shows weren't great, but I never tied people up and forced 'em to watch.
2.52sAnd I could've, 'cause I'm a big guy, and I'm good with knots.
1.6sSo we're all gonna die?
3.1sAfraid so. But hey, the grub's pretty good, huh?
2.77sThe sun? That's the hottest place on Earth.
3.4sGonna work on my "tannage," buddy.
3.7sPauly Shore? Wow! Hey. We should do a show together, man.
2.37sThat's a sure cure for the blues.
3.45sHey! Turn those frowns around.
3.2sOh, no. Rosie O'Donnell!
2.89sCome on, everybody! Sing along!
4.1sClang, clang, clang went the trolley This side only!