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2.32sOperation? What are you talking about?
1.74sKids, I have something to tell you.
2.94sOh, Homie, I don't know. This might upset them.
3.3sNothing you say can upset us. We're the MTV generation.
2.43sWe feel neither highs nor lows.
0.71sReally? What's it like?
2.54sWell, you kids are old enough to know the truth,
2.75sand I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.
4.69sSo the tiny Aorta fairies will take Mr. Leg Vein on a long trip...
2.6sto get married to Princess Left Ventricle.
4.02sDad, are you trying to tell us you're getting a coronary artery bypass graft?
0.5sUh, yeah.
2.16sOh, no.
4.94sWhat if they botch it? I won't have a dad... for a while.
2.77sKids. Kids. I'm not gonna die.
3.47sThat only happens to bad people. What about Abraham Lincoln?
2.8sUh-- He sold poisoned milk to schoolchildren.
2.37sHey, I'm just trying to make it easier on 'em.
3.95sBed goes up. Bed goes down. Bed goes up. Bed goes down.
1.77sBed goes up. Bed goes down.