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3.65sNow, before we give you health insurance, I have to ask you a few questions.
2.59sQuestions? Questions? Oh!
2.6sMy whole scheme down the-- I mean, ask away.
2.84sOh, good. Now, under "heart attacks,"
2.04syou crossed out "3" and wrote "0."
3.6sOh, I thought that said "brain hemorrhages."
2.82sUh-huh. And, uh, do you drink?
2.24sI do enjoy a snifter of port at Christmas.
1.92sAll right. Here's your policy.
3.05sNow let me tell you something, Mr. Sucker. I just--
2.4sOh, hold on there. Uh, you still have to sign it.
2.95sOh. I--
2.79sMust... sign... policy!
2sSir, I'm sorry. We can't insure you.
2.37sI made an "H." No, that doesn't count.
2.2sIt's like an "X."
2.03sHey, we'd better get you to a hospital.
2.67s- Can I have a free calendar? - Okay.