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3.04sLife, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,
1.4sfinds a way.
2sYou know, maybe you guys should help find Chris a hobby.
2.63sThat might occupy him and get his mind on other things.
1.12sHey, man, lay off the kid.
1.67sI say, if it feels good, do it.
1.83sStewie, you don't do that yet.
2.02sHey, you don't know what I do.
2.85sWait a minute, Brian, that's a great idea. Chris needs a hobby.
1.62sHey, Chris, get in here.
2.17sYeah, Dad? We are gonna find you a hobby.
1.6s- What do you think of that? - Okay.
2.33sThere you go, that's the spirit.
1.93sHey, Christopher. What you up to?
1.47sHi, Mr. Herbert.
2.07sMy dad's helping me find a hobby.
2.5sWell, you sure got a pretty morning for it.
4.02sChris, don't waste our time with the elderly. They're dying.
3.29sPlease, God, let me just sniff his hat.