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2.52sChris, what's the matter? You look upset.
3sMr. Herbert was saying terrible things about you.
3.54sHe said you liked Hitler, and your name isn't really Gutentag.
3.34sOh, Chris, you can't always believe what you hear.
3.24sFor example, everybody thinks that prostitution is illegal,
1.88sbut there are ways around it.
2.17sAll right, let's do it.
2sBoth of you are under arrest for prostitution.
1.4sIt's not prostitution.
1.57sYou paid her to have sex.
2.79sNo, I paid her to have sex and we're filming it.
3.04sSo, technically it's not prostitution, it's a porno.
4.67sOh, well, as long as you're filming and selling it, it's legal. Enjoy your day.
3.02sRemember, kids, she's not a whore if she's an actress.