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3.14sit's Schlechtnacht, and he's a Nazi.
3.37sIt's true. You've got to stay away from that terrible man.
2.57sMr. Gutentag isn't a terrible man.
1.3sHe's my friend.
3.3sChris, you don't understand, I'm trying to help you.
2.75sHelp me what? Clean your pool with my shirt off,
1.95sor wash your car in jean shorts,
2.97sbend over in front of you to get little bits of lint out of the rug?
4.5sI know what you're about, Mr. Herbert: free labor, and I'm not into it.
1.87sChris, you have to choose.
2.27sIt's either Franz or me.
2.52sChris, what's the matter? You look upset.
3sMr. Herbert was saying terrible things about you.
3.54sHe said you liked Hitler, and your name isn't really Gutentag.
3.34sOh, Chris, you can't always believe what you hear.
3.24sFor example, everybody thinks that prostitution is illegal,