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4.34sIt's all so complicated with the flowers and the romance and the lies upon lies...
1.98sOkay, Okay, don't worry.
3.57sThe love-meister will take you under his wing.
2.22sWhat, now there's a bird involved?
2.1sOkay, go ahead.
1.97sWhat the..? Dr. Zoidberg?
1.9sYour mating display failed.
2.63sWhy are you trying to talk to me?
1.2sI have no idea.
0.93sYou just want to talk.
1.7sIt has nothing to do with mating.
1.05sI just want to talk.
1.73sIt has nothing to do with mating.
2.07sFry, that doesn't make sense.
3.3sDr. Zoidberg, that doesn't make sense... but okay.
1.02sStart with a compliment.
1.27sTell her she looks thin.
1.37sYou seem malnourished.
2.77sAre you suffering from internal parasites?
2.19sWhy, yes. Thanks for noticing.
1.8sNow ask her how her day was.
1.43sWhy would I want to know?
1.23sYou wouldn't. Ask anyway.
1.75sHow was your day?
7.52sWell, first, I got up and had a piece of toast then I brushed my teeth then I went to the store to buy some fish, then I...