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2.49sI wonder why Dr. Zoidberg is acting this way?
2.42sOut of all of us, he always seemed the most normal.
0.85sI am normal.
5.09sAmy, take off these rubber bands and I'll show you how normal I am.
2.14sFool me seven times, shame on you.
2.73sFool me eight or more times, shame on me.
1.38sMaybe he has a parasite.
1.77sMaybe he is a parasite!
5.84sIt's always so sad when a friend goes crazy and you have to have a big clambake and cook him!
1.6sNow, now, this won't do.
2.47sLet me just give old Zoidie a sedative.
1.55sAh... much better.
3.32sYou can take off these rubber bands now.
0.28sI'll do it.
1.25sStop! No!