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2.5sOnly here and in Mississippi.
2.84sOh, Shary Bobbins, this is ever so much fun.
3.2sWith you, every day is Guy Fawkes day.
3.5sBah, humbug. Oh, Mr. Burns, I think you'll find...
3.47sall life's problems just float away when you're flying a kite.
2.8sBalderdash. This is the silliest load of--
1.97sOh! Look at it fly!
2.37sLook at me, Smithers.
3.57sI feel practically super-duper, fragically--
2.6sWhat's this strange sensation in my chest?
3.2sI think your heart's beating again. Oh, that takes me back.
2.53sGod bless you, Shary Bobbins.
3.55sThat Shary Bobbins is a miracle worker.
3.79sThe kids love her, the house is spotless and my hair's grown back.
4.34sIt's so full and thick it can support a beach umbrella.
2sCome to bed, Marge.
2.9sOh! Ooh--
2.17sNo, no. Leave it in.