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2.9sHe said I was under a lot of stress and should get some help.
3.74sMarge, whatever it takes to make you well, we'll do it.
4.29sWell, I was thinking we could hire a nanny to help me out.
3.37sA nanny? But how am I supposed to pay for that?
2.85sWe'll find a way. Mom has made so many sacrifices for us--
2.3sIt's time we gave up something for her.
2.4sI'll stop buying Malibu Stacy clothing.
1.93sAnd I'll take up smoking, and give that up.
1.92sGood for you, Son.
3.1sGiving up smoking is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do.
3.27s- Have a dollar. - But he didn't do anything.
2.77sDidn't he, Lisa? Didn't he?
3.65s- Hey, wait a minute. He didn't. - Homie, please.
3.57sI never ask for much, but this is something I really need.
2.42sAll right, Marge. I'll get you your nanny.
5.04sAnd to pay for it I'll give up the Civil War re-creation society I love so much.
4.97sWell, Homer's out. We gotta find a new General Ambrose Burnside.
2.4sAnd I'm not too crazy about our Stonewall jackson.
2.44sThe South shall come again.