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1.67sI'll just go without liquid.
2.25sOh, all right, all right. I'll get your milk.
2.9sThank you. Does anyone else want anything while I'm up?
2.23sMarge, get me a beer.
1.65sUh, Mom?
3.7sUm, there's a hair in my soup-- but I'll just eat around it.
0.48sWhat kind of hair?
3.8sWell, it's blue, six feet long--
2.72sEww! It's my hair!
2.57sExcuse me.
2.27sYour mother seems really upset about something.
2.03sI better go have a talk with her--
1.93sduring the commercial.
2.32sNow let's hear it for a great American--
2.55sformer President Gerald Ford.
2.27sThank you, Krusty, for inviting me.
3.32s- Well, all the good presidents turned us down. - Oh, well.
2.27sI'd like to talk about a subject...
2.4sthat is very important to me.