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6.84sBut the beer Will taste more sweet if you get up off your seat Lady, the man asked for a beer, not a song.
2.17sD'oh, re, mi, fa, sol--
2.39sNow let's take a look at a young Charles Bronson's brief stint...
3.14sreplacing Andy Griffith in The Andy Griffith Show.
2.17sWhere's Otis? He's not in his cell.
2.04s- I shot him. - Well, that's a-- What?
3.79sNow I'm goin' down to Emmett's fix-it shop-- to fix Emmett.
3.67sBart Simpson, this room is a frightful mess.
0.95sI'll get right on it.
3.09sBart, don't you remember? Cleaning up can be a game.
3.27sI got a better game. It's called whippin' cupcakes.