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2.29sWhat's wrong with Dad?
2.04sHe's just exhausted.
3.2sLisa, do you know what it costs to keep a pony?
1.43sWell, it's a lot.
2.22sYour father had to take a second job.
0.97sPoor guy.
1.52sWhere's he working?
0.8sThe Kwik-E mart.
3.74sI hope you realize that your father can't keep this up.
1.77sYou're making me give up Princess?
1.47sWe can't make you.
1.44sI can make her.
2.62sGive me five minutes alone with her.
0.92sNO, Bart.
1.28sNo one's making her.
2.1sLisa has to decide for herself.
5.52sAll the years I've lobbied to be treated like an adult have blown up in my face.
3.15sWhen I ordered that blueberry Squishy I meant today.
1.67sComing right up, sir.
2.19sAnd fill it to the top time.
1.3sYes, sir.
6.26sShe likes a little carrot after her oats and she likes it when you scratch her behind the ear.