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5.14sHe just pays me to watch him sleep and rub this knife across my face while I do it.
2.33s(RASPING) Okay.
1.65sHey, how much does Stewie pay you?
1.53s$4,800 a week.
1.7s- Holy shit. - Yeah.
1.65sHey, Brian. Oh, hey, Stewie.
1.7sListen, have you seen my play?
4.07sYou know, Stewie, I have seen your play, and it is exhilarating to me.
4.14sA child's play is one of the most beautiful things in the world.
3.14sContinue to play, little one. You're our future.
1.9sWhat the fuck are you talking about?
1.4sThe play I wrote. Have you seen it?
1.43sUh, I don't know. Let me call my lawyer.
2.07s(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Hello. I'm being cross-examined.