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1.92sStewie, don't you think you're overdoing it with that outfit?
3.19sI don't wear anything I can't take off with a flourish.
3.04sWow, this is amazing. Every major playwright is here.
2.09sYes, and it seems to be quite a successful party.
2.04sSeveral of them have already committed suicide.
1.12sGreat party.
1.33sMAMET: Hey, Tony.
1.42sOh, my God, that's David Mamet.
1.45sThere's the man of the evening.
1.9sI read your play, An American Marriage.
2.57sIt was incredibly raw. I was pretty damn impressed.
1.3sOh, thank you, David.
2.19sDavid, this is Brian. Brian, David.
1.07sOh, it's an honor.
4.45sListen, I just want to say what an inspiration Glengarry Glen Ross was to me when I was writing my own play.
1.42sIs that Tony Dovolani?
1.65sHello. Alan Bennett.
1.5sFantastic play.
1.67sAnd I'm Yasmina Reza.
1.57sOh, are you his night nurse?
1.3sNo, I'm a playwright.
2.04sI wrote Art and God of Carnage.
1.64sI won a Pulitzer.
1.93sYou want to say your grade point average, too?