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2.39s(GASPS) What did she say?
3.2sWell, Marge, I'm surprised you haven't been run out of town.
4.04sI'll have you know I am very well-liked in Springfield!
2.72sWell, there you have it. Springfield hates America.
3.8sNow coming up after this commercial, I will be talking even louder!
0.92sDon't miss it!
1.72sAll over the country tonight,
5.66spatriotic Americans are denouncing Springfield and its official spokesmen, the Simpsons.
4.77sI declare today, December 25th, We Hate Springfield Day.
4.8s(ALL CHEERING) TOM: Overseas, the reaction tonight is decidedly different.
3.35sSimpsons be praised! Praise be to Springfield!
4.57s(ULULATING) But not everyone is ululating tonight.
2.55sThe President announced today he is pointing warheads at...
3.05sTurn that off. This could destroy our town.
2.17sLook what happened to Hitler City, North Carolina.