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2.33sbut as a veteran of America's only losing war.
1.12sTo date!
3.67sI swear, Bart didn't know what he was doing. He was deaf.
4.09sOh, sure, Marge. Just like Blind Bart, Wheelchair Bart,
2.33sPregnant Bart, and my personal favorite,
2.32sRailroad Spike-Through-Head Bart.
2.15s(LAUGHING) Kids love trains.
1.72sHey, fellas, my hearing's back.
1.82sCongratulations, traitor!
3.94sThank you. And let me say I missed your sweet, sweet voices.
1.8s- Cram it, Iraqi! - (GRUNTS)
3.59sWhy'd you dis the flag? It partied on the moon!
2sWeren't we afraid of him just a few days ago?
1.63sWe're complex.
2.77sAll right, who can take a story and blow it way out of proportion?
1.38sI'm your man, boss!
1.6sI want you to over-hype this story so much,
2.54sit makes the New York Post look like The New York Times.
2.9sOr The New York Times look like the New York Post.
1.95sI forget which one the good one is.