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2.55sFrink, you little weasel. I'll kill you.
2.27sMay I remind you we're in open court?
2.25sI'll kill you, too. I'll kill you all.
2.74sMister Motherloving, that could be interpreted as a threat.
0.48sI'll kill you while you sleep.
1.85sMmm, I'll allow it.
3.82sNow, Count Fudgeula, how long were you spokes-vampire...
2.57sfor Motherloving's breakfast cereals?
2.3sTwenty of your mortal years.
3.2sBut I had to quit when my fangs succumbed to gingivitis.
3.75sNow all my victims have to be mashed up.
2.54sYour Honor, I admit it looks bad for me,
3sbut I think you might be turned around by some surprising...
2.7sSir, this is a house of justice, not a sugar shack.
2.67sIt's Hershey highwaymen like you who made me fat.
2.77sWell, Your Honor, the court carries it well.