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2.12sOh, Doctor! We are seconds away...
1.57sfrom the hundred-meter butterfly.
1.63sAnd with the East German--
3.4swomen shaving their backs 9,000 miles away,
1.52sthe Americans are heavy favorites.
3.7sPatience, my pet.
3.24sAnd the Americans jump out to an early lead.
3.9sAlthough we should point out...
3.72sthat many of the other women represent countries that don't have swimming pools.
2.94sBoohoo! You're breakin' my heart.
3.72sHomie, I think the baby's coming.
3.15sWow. A baby and a free burger.
2.35sCould this be the best day of my life?
4.07sComing up next, an hour-long episode of Mama's Family.
2.08sWe'll take good care of your boy, Simpson.
3.8sEnjoy the miracle of creation! Shut up, Flanders.
1.9sSo, kids, what do you wanna play?
2.19sGood Samaritan!