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3.09sCoochy coochy coo!
0.47sKrusty funny.
3.64sIt's all a part of our Krusty Burger Olympic Sweepstakes.
2.74sjust scratch off the name of the Olympic event on your game card,
2.05sand if America wins a gold medal...
3.35syou win a free Krusty Burger!
2.05sMmm, mmm, mmm!
0.47sAnd cut!
2.87sI almost swallowed some of the juice.
2.79sI'll be tasting that for weeks.
3.37sGreat spot, K.C.! Put a sock in it, preppy.
2.54sHow much are these free burgers gonna cost me?
2.52sNot to worry, Mr. "K." We've rigged the cards.
2.92sThey're all in events that Communists never lose.
1.55sI like. I like.
2.1sThis just came over the wires, Big "K."
2.77sUh-huh. "Soviet boycott.
3.69s"U.S. unopposed in most events." How does this affect our giveaway?
1.7sLet's see.
2.4sYou personally stand to lose 44 million dollars.