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2.43s- Yes. - Oh.
1.89s¬°Aye carumba!
3.79sYou know, I don't think I remember.
2.95sBut the story of Lisa's first word is very cute.
2.94sTell it, Mom. Yeah, tell it, Mom.
4.29sWell, this story begins in that unforgettable spring of 1983.
3.34sMs. Pac-Man struck a blow for women's rights.
2.87sA young joe Piscopo taught us how to laugh.
3.69sBefore Lisa was born, we lived in a tiny apartment...
3.64son the lower East Side of Springfield.
2.15sChipwich for sale!
2.92sChocolate chip or oatmeal raisin!
2.58sChipwich for sale!
2.2s- Youse guys wanna play stickball? - Soitenly.
2.57sYeah, sure. Over here. Come on.
2.85sDid you girls watch the last episode of MASH?
3.45sThat Mike Farrell really boils my "potata."