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1.79sYou already sang that part.
2.57sThe older they get, the cuter they ain't.
4.07sHey, the baby just spit up.
2.27sWelcome back to the final day of this--
2.4sthe 23rd Olympiad, brought to you by Krusty Burger.
3.92sYou people are pigs!
4.15sI personally am gonna spit in every 50th burger.
0.66sI like those odds.
2.08sIn a moment,
2.55swe'll look at the courageous Korean gymnast, Kim Huyang,
4.04swho made a perfect dismount on what was later revealed to be a broken leg.
4.12sOuch! But first, let's go to the boxing venue.
1.68sPlease, please, please, please, please!
2.54sThe American, Drederick Tatum,