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2.2sDon't. Just don't.
2.5sIf I had known having a son could be like this...
1.67sHow dare you? I didn't know!
1.87sYou have no right, man. No right.
2.03sIt wasn't my fault. (CRYING) You weren't there for me.
2.74sDamn it, don't you think I wanted to be?
3.57s(SHUSHING) It's okay. It's okay.
3.8sLook, I know I wasn't there for you, man, for all those years,
2.5sbut that's gonna change.
1.53sIt's gonna be different from now on.
2.1sAnd I'm gonna make you into a better person,
1.97sstarting first thing tomorrow.
3.4sJust passing through. See anything you like, speak up.
1.5sHey, there, everybody.
5.81sWas somebody looking for a son with a bright new path to adulthood and his very, very proud dad?
3.67sOh, Dylan, you got a haircut. Aren't you handsome?
3sFrom now on, I plan on being a real father to Dylan,
2.37sand together, we are gonna turn his life around.