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7.67sthe other pilots finally trust the Japanese pilot and let him... Let him into their group.
2.5sDude, that is an amazing story.
3.9sHey, what if there were Korean pilots?
1.87sYeah. I'm not really looking for notes,
3.1sbut you know, Dylan, I gotta tell you something.
2.63sI'm sorry I wasn't around when you were growing up.
2.2sDon't. Just don't.
2.5sIf I had known having a son could be like this...
1.67sHow dare you? I didn't know!
1.87sYou have no right, man. No right.
2.03sIt wasn't my fault. (CRYING) You weren't there for me.
2.74sDamn it, don't you think I wanted to be?
3.57s(SHUSHING) It's okay. It's okay.
3.8sLook, I know I wasn't there for you, man, for all those years,
2.5sbut that's gonna change.
1.53sIt's gonna be different from now on.
2.1sAnd I'm gonna make you into a better person,
1.97sstarting first thing tomorrow.
3.4sJust passing through. See anything you like, speak up.