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1.03sI'm just here to fly, sir.
2.33sAll right, Dylan. You know what? This isn't working out.
3.04sAll right? I don't care that I'm your father and you don't care that you're my son.
1.67sWe don't have anything in common.
2.1sI think it's best if you just get out of this house.
3.3sFine. I hate it here anyhow. Get out of my way.
1.33sMy pot! My pot!
1.8sYour pot? Your pot?
3.67sAnd then in Chapter 28 of my novel,
7.67sthe other pilots finally trust the Japanese pilot and let him... Let him into their group.
2.5sDude, that is an amazing story.
3.9sHey, what if there were Korean pilots?
1.87sYeah. I'm not really looking for notes,